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See How 4 IN 1 HOT Can Improve Your Fuel

At F.A.S. Fuels and Lubricants, we’re proud to carry 4 IN 1 HOT, a heating oil treatment from 76®. Let us tell you a bit about this exciting product.

4 IN 1 HOT gets rid of sludge, gum and varnish in heating fuels, preventing the formation of algae and crystals and lowering CFPP. It reduces soot and improves atomization, disperses water and prevents waxing and gelling. This product contains no alcohol or solvents.

Here are some further details offered by TBM Products Group:

4 IN 1 HOT – Getting Rid of Sludge and Dispersing Water

4 IN 1 HOT disperses abnormal accumulation of water in a tank, burning it into a combustible solution. 4 IN 1 HOT’s specially formulated chemical base dissolves the sludge into a combustible substance in such a way as not to clog nozzles while assuring clean filters and strainers.

Contains TBM Ultra
Contains wax dispersant
Lowers pour point
Contains seed crystal modifier
Lowers cold filter plug point

4 IN 1 HOT – Improving Atomization and Reducing Sludge

4 IN 1 HOT eliminates sludge so the fuel oil reaching the nozzles is clean. This will mean improved atomization takes place and soot and sludge are reduced substantially, ultimately resulting in a more complete combustion, less smoke, and better fuel economy.

4 IN 1 HOT – Preventing Waxing and Gelling

4 IN 1 HOT will disperse the water that causes fuel line and fuel filter icing. Also during the coldest days of winter, fuel oil in outdoor tanks can cease to flow. This is the reason paraffin wax, always present in fuel oil, develops crystals when the fuel oil reaches its “cloud point” temperature. When those crystals are totally formed at the “pour point” temperature, the fuel oil ceases to flow. 4 IN 1 HOT will lower the cold filter plug point (CFPP) and the pour point of the fuel and will prevent waxing and gelling.

4 IN 1 HOT -- Chemical Specs

Flash point: 150° F / 65.5° C
Boiling point: 340° F / 171° C
Freezing point: -120° F / 84° C
Specific gravity: 0.897 @ 25/25° C
Solubility in water: Infinitely @ 25° C
Vapor density: (air=10): 4.10

4 IN 1 HOT Highly Concentrated

4 IN 1 HOT treatment ratios:

16 ounces treats 250 gallons
1 gallon treats 1,000 gallons
55 gallons treats 55,000 gallons
2 & 1/2 gallons treats 2,500 gallons

Treatment ratios vary depending on pour point depression desired.

The benefits of 4 IN 1 HOT allow the petroleum marketer to promote 4 IN 1 HOT-treated fuel as premium “winterized” fuel.

4 IN 1 HOT is available in:

16-ounce bottles/12 per case
1-gallon bottles/4 per case
2.5-gallon bottles/2 per case
55-gallon drums/1 per case
Bulk: 200-6,000 gallons

4 in 1 HOT 

Call F.A.S. Fuels and Lubricants to learn more about 4 IN 1 HOT and what it can do for you.

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