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BioBlend lubricants made their debut in the field in 2001. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate and expand our product line to include not only the biobased lubricants but also food grade and synthetic lubricants. BioBlend’s goal is to help provide ecologically responsible, environmentally friendly products and solutions for numerous industries while also providing a line of general purpose lubricants and greases for consumer use. BioBlend biodegradable products are designed to provide superior lubrication over a broad range of operating conditions by combining highly stable vegetable base oils with unique additive technologies to create products that provide excellent thermal and oxidative stability while delivering superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection. And because BioBlend products are readily biodegradable, they offer these performance advantages while adhering to the strictest standards of environmental responsibility.

Our Products

Take a look at the products F.A.S. Fuels and Lubricants can supply to your home or commercial facility:

Furnace and stove oil
Gas, diesel
New furnaces
New tanks
Oil additives
Auto gasoline
Biodegradable lubes
Diesel engine fluids by the drum or the box
Delo motor oil

Biodegradable Lubricants

We can offer a large variety of biodegradable products including:

Air tool lubricants
Asphalt release oils
Chain and bar lubricants
Chain and cable lubes
Concrete form release oils
Cutting fluids
Drill rod greases
Extreme pressure greases
Food grade lubricants
Gear lubricants
General purpose greases
Heavy duty EP greases
Hydraulic fluids
Machine oils
Metalworking fluids
Multi-purpose lubricants
Penetrating oils
Plunger packing greases
Plunger packing lubricants
Rock drill oils
Specialty products

Food Grade Lubricants

We can provide:

Air tool lubricants
All-purpose greases
Chain and cable lubes
Cutting fluids
Gear oils
Hydraulic fluids
Specialty products
Synthetic lubricants
White oils
Wipe down oils
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